About me

I am just a southern girl saved by God's grace that loves to take pictures and capture special moments in my blessed life.

Life is short these days. Instagram and Facebook update us constantly with new information and memories fall to the wayside. Nothing stays for more than a moment. Thus, I take pictures. Even then  my pictures can be fleeting. My great grandkids probably won't care about the picture of me as a silhouette, they'd prefer the straight on version, unartistic photo so they can see how I looked way back when. So the pictures are for now, so I can enjoy the beauty today and now. Little things matter. I want to enjoy the moment. 

Fun facts:

I love to travel, so far I've been to Africa, Asia, and Europe and loved every bit of it. 

Despite not being "pet people" my family has a dog, two cats, and two birds. 

I am a very organized person and totally OCD

I was homeschooled and thrived in that atmosphere

I'm completely afraid of shooting on a film camera but would still love to try

Newsies and Les Miserables are my two favorite musicals

I can't sing. At all. But I can play the piano

I still don't have a smart phone and don't intend to get one. I enjoy getting away from technology when I'm out of the house

On the top of my Bucket List is to visit all 7 continents



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